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Stitch Fix Review: April 2014

I have been seriously anxiously awaiting my Stitch Fix. It's been a looong while since my last one and with the warmer weather sort of showing up (and then disappearing again), I am ready for some new spring clothes. 

This is Fix number 5 for me and Natalie did an amazing job! She was my stylist last time as well and I think she's really starting to get to know my style better. I've been voraciously pinning clothes to my Pinterest page so she'd get an idea of what I like and what I don't like (read: anything trendy or aztec print). 

{For my last four Stitch Fix experiences, click here.}

You all know how this works right? Pay $20, fill out a detailed style profile, and await your mail. Try things on in your own house and then send back what you don't want in a prepaid envelope. The $20 goes towards whatever you buy. Shopping without a toddler? Yes please.

I was really lucky this time because all of these pieces go together and I love that! I'm not sure if that's how Natalie planned it but it sure works out nicely.

This first pic shows what I'm wearing today. The yellow sweater is mine but the necklace (Zad Toren Layered Beaded Necklace), shirt (Miilla Sandrine Tiered Sleeveless Blouse) and the jeans (Mavi Freida Skinny Jean) are all from this fix!! 

I love the necklace! The color is spot on and I love a good chunky necklace. The shirt was just eh for me at first. I love the look of it but it is completely see through in the back which makes it uncomfortable to wear alone. But as a layering piece, I love it. 

And now on to the jeans. I scoffed when I saw they were sending me jeans. Jeans are such a personal thing and it usually takes a few pairs before I find one that I love. And I freaking love these jeans! They are so so so soft and stretchy and just fit like a glove. The are not crack-showing low so they hide my extra pudge perfectly.  They're more like leggings than structured jeans and are super comfortable. They're a bit too long so I might get them altered but I kind of like the cuffed look so maybe I'll just keep them the way they are. 

In this next picture, I've left the shirt and necklace on but added the jean jacket (Mavi Kalie Denim Jacket) and maxi skirt (Renee C Gabe Striped Maxi Skirt) also from this fix. I can't believe denim jackets are in style again but I love the look of them with a maxi skirt or dress. And I just can't say no to a cute maxi skirt. 

Originally I was planning on sending back the shirt and the necklace but it was cheaper to keep all 5 items and take the 25% discount so that's what I did! It really took some convincing.....or not.

Stitch Fix is definitely experiencing some growing pains right now. I immediately signed up for another fix and the earliest I could get it was the middle of June.  But I don't need one every month so quarterly is perfect for me. 

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!! 

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He's Smooth....Just Like His Father

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know about my son and his love of showing off for girls. He always acts incredibly shy around girls his own age but then starts trying to impress them. In his mind, doing karate kicks then falling on the ground is what girls look for. He does this everywhere. Grocery store, parks, school.

Last week at the park he told me “I’m going to pretend to be shy because girls like that”. Uh oh….

One of his favorite girls is our neighbor Lucy. She’s a year younger and cute as can be. Sullivan refuses to talk to her even though she constantly tries to talk to him. He just hides behind my legs before showing her how many bad guys he can beat up. We saw Lucy and her mom and dad at a park this past weekend and in the midst of Sully’s little show, he managed to fall to the ground and face plant on the wheel of Lucy’s stroller. Crying ensued and he’s got a nice bump and some bruising. It was very smooth but probably won’t impress her much. Better luck next time, kiddo.

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Response to Amy Glass

Today I accidentally found an article by some chick named Amy Glass. It was a link through a link kind of deal. It's titled "I look down on young women with husbands and children". Here it is if you're interested. Essentially it's her belief that having kids or getting married are not quite the milestones they appear to be because "literally anyone can do them" and are "common" and "average". And people are livid. I'm not so much angry but just confused why she has to be such a snotty bitch about it. If they're not your thing, I could care less. But why try to degrade other women just because they chose a different path than yours? Do you feel superior? You should feel like a pretentious jackass.

First, it's not the act of marriage that is above average. It's keeping that marriage happy and together. That, my friend, is work whether you believe it or not. Have you peeked your little feminist head out the door and seen the divorce rate?

Second, if you don't think raising a child is work then you are more ignorant that I ever thought anyone could be. Raising a child is hard. Raising a child to be a thoughtful, intelligent, and kind human being is just like climbing Mount Everest. Lots of hard work and then, when you finally get there, you can look back at just how far you've come. Yes it's been work but the rewards are beyond measure. Yes reproduction in it's most basic form is average but being a parent is something completely different.

On top of it aren't able to have children, no matter how much they want them. So perhaps it's not as easy and average as you claim.

And by "path of least resistance" I know you cannot mean raising a toddler because some days I'd rather argue with my supervisor and CEO of the hospital than argue with my three year old. At least they see reason some of the time. Arguing with a three year old is using reason against someone who is completely unreasonable.

As far as your "being exceptional without kids", I'm pretty sure women with kids have landed promotions or have attained their dream job. Pretty sure that's not limited to the single people. It is the result of hard work and the existence of a "dream job". Being a judgemental mediocre write does not make you exceptional. I sure as hell hope you've achieved your dream job or at least left the continental United States to have such lofty expectations.

And now for my favorite part :

"I hear women talk about how “hard” it is to raise kids and manage a household all the time. I never hear men talk about this. It’s because women secretly like to talk about how hard managing a household is so they don’t have to explain their lack of real accomplishments. Men don’t care to “manage a household.” They aren’t conditioned to think stupid things like that are “important.”

I just....well I'm just not sure where to start with this complete pile of bullshit. First I'd better put some waders on because she is really pulling this out of her ass.

Just how many women complain to you "all the time". Is it two? Maybe three? And what's "all the time"? Maybe a quick comment about how tired they are?  Or how laundry really piles up when you really have kids? Take laundry for yourself and quadruple it. That's laundry for you plus one kid. Then add in another adult and tell me laundry doesn't pile up. You're swimming in it.

Does this chick think she's in a Mad Men episode? "Men don't care to manage a household"? Granted I'm just speaking from my own "average" existence but my husband is very involved in our household. He knows my work schedule and when bills are paid and what's going on with Sullivan in daycare. That's called being an involved husband and father and trust me, it is not something that all parents do. Just like all single women don't go backpacking alone in Asia, not all married people with kids are good parents or spouses. Life is what you put in to it.

Could I go backpacking alone in Asia? Sure. But I really don't want to. Would that make me a better person in your eyes?  Completing this amazing act of independence and yelling to the world that I'm a confident woman?? Would I love to travel more? Definitely. But it's not just my kid that's holding me back. It's work and school and the pressing need to work for a living to pay my mortgage so that I can continue living fairly comfortably. But I'm ok with that. In fact, I'm pretty damn happy with that. Sure I haven't traveled the world but (I'm about to say something that will make you roll your eyes) my little family is my world. You may shout "I'm right!" or roll your eyes in pity or disgust but thankfully I don't give a shit what you think about my life. My life isn't perfect, no life ever is, but it's mine. My son is the most amazing thing to ever happen and makes me so thankful that I'm his mama. My husband's love and support is a gift and one for which I am constantly grateful.

I'm not going to scream (like others have) that you're a vile person or that you should be silenced. I respect your right to have your opinion, however moronic it is. I don't agree with you, I'm pretty sure we'd never be friends. I just ask that maybe you stop trying to be so judgemental. Stop looking down on others as if their life choices are beneath you. Start celebrating life in general, even if it is "average". And for shit's sake, try to be happy, because you really do sound like an angry bitch. The end.

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Blackened Chicken with Quinoa and Cilantro-Lime-Avocado Cream Sauce

Holy deliciousness, this is amazing!! Such a light and healthy meal but definitely full of flavor. The pictures, however, do not do it justice. I had to scramble to get my iPhone before it was all inhaled. There was no time for the DSLR. 

For the chicken:
1 lb chicken tenders
1 tsp paprika 
½ tsp onion powder
½ tsp cumin
½ tsp salt
½ tsp pepper

Season both sides of the chicken. Toss them in a frying pan with a bit of melted butter/olive oil/coconut oil and cook until done (about 7-10 minutes). Remove from heat.

While the chicken is going, start the quinoa. 

1 c dry quinoa
2 c chicken stock/chicken broth/water (I prefer the stock but water will work great)

In a sauce pan, heat chicken stock and quinoa to a boil. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove lid and give it a stir to make sure all the liquid is absorbed.

Time for the sauce!

2-8oz containers of plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp lime juice
3-4 tbsp premade guacamole (you can also use chopped avocados)
A handful of cilantro

Mix all of the ingredients in the food processor until good and creamy. 

Serve the chicken on a bed of quinoa and top with the sauce. 

This meal came together pretty quick for a weeknight meal and it's easy to adjust the proportions for more people. 

Hope you guys enjoy! Happy Wednesday!

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Sullivan v Meatball

In the latest issue of "I Have a Threenager" we see the situation of Sullivan v Meatball. Now keep in mind, that just a few short weeks ago, these meatballs were a scrumptious meal enjoyed by this threenager. He raved, he loved, he devoured. 

Fast forward to last night and we see the little man suddenly NOT LIKE the meatball. Same type of meatballs, same delivery method, but met with scorn and stubbornness. 

He ate the rest of his meal and requested more but alas, the parentals refused until he ate one lone meatball. One. Meatball. The standoff ensued. For one hour, we were deadlocked. No one budged. 

And then, dear friends, he did the unthinkable. He ASKED FOR MORE. And then Mommy asked fore more wine. 

The end. 

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Happy Third Birthday Sullivan!!

Today my sweet little man turns 3!! This year has been such a year of change. From potty training, to the big boy bed, and just general feistiness and personality development. I love being able to have full on conversations with him. I love watching his imagination blossom and how he (attempts to) reason his way into or out of anything. If toddlers needed lawyers, Sullivan is your guy.

I've got more birthday and Christmas pics coming but here's his annual birthday video. You can see the other videos here and here. Enjoy!

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A Year in Review: Facebook and My Kid

You guys, my little man is going to be 3 on Monday!! 3!! Craziness!! It’s been a fun and crazy year. Some of it has been documented on this blog but there are so many little things that happened that I only put on my personal Facebook page. So I’ve gathered them all here to give you a picture of what Sullivan’s year from 2 to 3 was like. Enjoy!

Sullivan: “Mommy, you’re kind of like a princess. And kind of like a monster too.”
Fair enough.

After he pooped, he yelled “NOT TODAY, POOP!!!” Apparently a battle has been waged and he emerged victorious. This is my life.

“I got in trouble today.”
“What for?”
“I ate paint.”
“Hmm…did it taste good?”
“No it was gross but I looked so COOL!!”
Oh jeez…

Anytime I say “Say what?” Sullivan yells “WHAT! WHAT NOW?”

Sullivan just yelled “VICTORY!!” in the middle of the restaurant while eating dinner.

Sullivan saw an inflatable Santa pop out of a gingerbread house at Lowe’s today and freaked the eff out! He hid behind me then ran screaming down the aisle for daddy. He kept checking back to see if Santa was following him. Christmas is going to be interesting this year.

The most hardened diabolical criminal would crack under the never ending questions from my toddler. It’s just not possible to stay sane under those conditions.

I think I’ve said “GET THAT OUT OF  YOUR NOSE!” to Sullivan way too much recently.

Then one day later….

We had to do a major extraction tonight on a nasal raisin with Sullivan. We were too close to going to the ER for comfort. This seems to be his thing recently.

Sullivan: “I lost my soul”
Mac: “Did mommy eat it?”
Ahhh….Ginger humor, always acceptable.

He’s in awe of Jurassic Park but he says there aren’t enough dinosaurs. “Too much talking, mommy”

Toddler honesty: Sullivan just pointed at a guy eating by himself and loudly asked “Why is he alone? Where are his friends? Does he have any friends?”

Sullivan just leaned over and said “I fart at you”
It’s almost Monty Python…..almost. Also I’m surrounded by boys. I guess I should get used to this.

You know when you hear  a screaming child and think “Oh jeez is that mine?” Today that answer was YES 99% of the time. He does not like shopping.

I was so happy Sullivan wanted a big hug until I realized he just wiped snot all over me.

Sullivan: “I want a flamingo”
Me: “Really? Why?”
Sullivan: “I want to eat it.”

Sullivan is saying a phrase recently that sounds like he’s saying “f*** it”. I’m pretty sure that isn’t right, mostly because it isn’t in the right context. So either it’s something completely innocent or we need to discuss when it’s the right time to my 2.5 year old to say f*** it.

You might be a mom when your toddler plays with your car keys and they’re still missing two days later. Seriously, where are my freaking keys???

Him: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I’m going to try and sleep some more.”
Him: “I’m going to jump on you.”

Should I be laughing when he shoves part of a tomato up his nose? No. Am I? Definitely

Whoops! Forgot to send extra clothes to daycare today so when Sullivan had an accident they had to use the only thing they had: girl shorts. He actually really likes them.

The toddler dictator who runs my house  has declared war on any non-gray pants as well as any socks that do not have a picture of his beloved Buzz Lightyear on them.

It took awhile to convince this kid to wear pants this morning. He seems to have an aversion to clothes.

Sullivan has entered a “what happened?” stage. I can usually answer his questions (more like 57 million questions really) but the hardest one is to tell him what happened to the invisible race car that lives on his hand.

It’s hard not to laugh when, in the midst of a tantrum, Sullivan throws a ball at the wall and it bounces off and hits him in the face. Just takes the fight right out of him.

Wow, that was quite a year!  I forgot so many of those little moments until I was rereading them off my page. I’m still working on his birthday video so that’ll be up soon.

Happy Sunday!!

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