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It's a....


And she was not shy either. Everything else is great with her. She's perfect so far and is probably going to be a big baby again as she was measuring in the top 95% for height and weight. This explains why I look to be about 30 weeks instead of only 24. Also why people are looking at me funny when I say I still have to go until the first of May.

But wow...a girl. I'm equal parts excited and terrified. I'm excited for cute little clothes but not so much for all the princess stuff. But maybe we'll get a tomboy. Who knows? And they make some awesome science and engineering toys for girls right now.

In any case, Zulily is dangerous for me right now as is Target and pretty much anywhere that has baby clothes.

Now we just have to agree on a name, that 's going to be the interesting part as we have never agreed on girl names. No one's ever been divorced from picking a name, right?

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Oh What the Hell is That?

After a very very long fourteen weeks of constant and violent vomiting (you're welcome for that visual) I've finally hit what I like to call the sweet spot of pregnancy.  I'm past the point where people question pregnant vs fat and finally feel like a human again. Stretchy pants and belly butter reign supreme.

But along the way I started to notice my belly button more. My normal little belly button started to get flatter and flatter. And then I knew it was going to pop like a turkey thermometer. With Sullivan I maintained my belly button and I could have even left in my piercing.  But not with this little one. Oh no.

I had a dream a few weeks ago about how my belly button popped out and looked like the knotted end of a balloon a la the Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton. I woke up in tears and holding my stomach like a weirdo. Mac woke up and told me I was a loony and to go back to bed. Such a comfort, that one.

But alas, here I am, 24 weeks in and I've got a little nubbin for a button.

All I have to say is that it had better go back in when I have this baby.  I told my doctor that I don't care if he has to stitch the damn thing to my liver but it's going back in. Because I'm clearly in a rational place right now, obviously.

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Big Brother Sullivan

We told Sullivan about the baby around the 6 week mark to get him to stop jumping on me. He uses us both as play gyms and while I usually enjoy that, getting jumped on while prego is not advised.

So one night we told him that he couldn't do that anymore because mommy has a baby in her belly. He looked serious for a minute and asked if that meant he was going to be a big brother. We said "Yes!! You get to be a big brother!" He made me laugh when he then asked "Is the baby going to play with my toys?" We assured him that the baby will play with baby toys and not his toys and then he got so excited! Laughing and touching my belly and he kept yelling "I'm going to be a big brother!" Success! I'm not optimistic that he'll always feel that way but I think it's a good start.

A few weeks later we asked him what we should name the baby. Without even blinking he said "Asperd Hoes".  I just looked at him for a minute like huh? "Asperd Hoes" he repeated. "Oooook, where did you find that name?" we asked. " Is it a name of someone in a book? Did you hear it somewhere?" "Nope" he responded "it's the name of the baby". Um ok.

So even now, he's still calling the baby Asperd. Any time I ask him about it, if it's made up, where did it come from, he just says "It's the name babies get". Alrighty then. We've told him that the baby may get a different name when he or she is born but that works for right now.

It is so cute to see him so excited to be a big brother. He drew a picture of our family at preschool and there were stick figures of mom, dad, Sullivan, and a little circle for the baby. On the day he was star student at school, they asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and his response was a big brother. He always checks out the baby room at daycare as we walk by and wants to go in and see them so he's definitely very interested. I'm not sure that will still be happening after the baby is born but it's nice right now to see him so happy about it.

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Hello Number 2

I haven't blogged in what feels like forever but this self imposed break has been wonderful. I'm finishing up my Master's degree, trying to find a new job, and just enjoying the heck out of my kid and hubby. So I'm going to post a bunch of posts without pics for the time being mostly because I'm writing this all while at work and because I don't want to forget.  I have tons of post it notes with little reminders on them but I need to write it all down.

So here we go.

The Friday before Labor Day I knew I was pregnant. According to the tests it was too early to test but I knew. I had some weird feelings in my lower abdomen and some mild nausea and I knew. Two days later I bought a pregnancy test at the store and there they were. Two little pink lines that changed our lives again.

Some women do super cute things for their husbands to tell them that they're pregnant.  I was just so excited I ran out of the bathroom to Mac and said "Congrats, champ! You just snuck one by the goalie!" For some reason he loves saying that so it was very appropriate. He just looked kind of dumbfounded and said "Are you serious?" His next remark is one I continue to give him shit about to this day. He said "I really need to finish the basement."  Really?? Really. That's my husband, ladies and gentlemen. He's a planner, plain and simple. We knew we had to get the basement finished and put another bedroom down there but he just didn't think it would be coming this soon.

So there we were. Pregnant and not telling anyone.  Not just yet.  I'm not a superstitious person and I wouldn't have minded telling everyone right then and there but I also wasn't sure how far along I was. My period was so inconsistent that I could have been 4 weeks or 8 weeks. So I made an appointment with my ob and we decided to wait until after we had an official date to tell people.

One week later my pants were tight and I was so nauseated. I was so sure I was farther along than 5 weeks, I mean I had to be right?

Four weeks after the two pink lines we met with the ob who did an ultrasound and we got to see the little bean measuring 8 weeks. So timing was right but why the heck was I so stinking big and sick already? With Sullivan I didn't start showing until about 15 weeks and had some motion sickness but no vomiting. With this little one, I've put on my prego yoga pants and haven't looked back. Everyone says you show faster with your second and I'd like to give that a hell yes.

Today I am 14 weeks and while most of the puking has stopped, I still get sick randomly and the belly continues to grow. At the last ultrasound, the baby was measuring 4-6 days big so I've probably got another nine pounder on my hands.

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Whoa, Slow Your Roll There, Mister

Sullivan. My sweet baby Sullivan. He's only three and a half years old but is so wise beyond his years. Like teenager time.

Wait, what?? Recently he's been saying some things that have caused me to stop and give him a glare then question that maybe he's really a fifteen year old in a three year old body. Threenager at his finest.


" you just don't understand me! You're not even listening!" He's said this randomly over the past week and I just have flashbacks of me saying that to my own mother.

A few weeks ago, Mac had to work late so it was just me and the little guy that night for dinner. When I picked him up from school and asked what he wanted for dinner this was his response: "Mom.....just drive. Seriously. Just drive."

And a new favorite of his that got squashed instantly: "Shut your mouth, mom, I don't even want to listen to you right now." Apparently he got this one from an older kid at school so he was not impressed when it got him sent to time out. Luckily that one hasn't come back to rear its ugly head yet.

But I'm waiting.

All this is a lead up to what I hear are called the "fuck-you fours". Oh goody.

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A Rant Against Those Who Created My Husband

First, let me just say, yes I have been gone awhile. You may not believe it but I have around twenty blog posts written that just need pictures and to be published. It's true.

So why the random break from my laziness as a blogger? It's to rant against my in laws.

I usually don't talk about them on here because I don't know if they read it. Turns out, I really don't care. So here we are.

For those of you who know me personally, you know I do not get along with my husband's parents. And for the past fourteen years, I really haven't for a million reasons. They don't talk to me, they talk around me. They introduce me to people as "the girl who gave us a grandson". I have to follow up with my real name to assure them that I am not just a walking uterus. They encouraged my husband to NOT propose to me, that I was only there for the money (WHAT MONEY??) then looked incredibly depressed the day of our wedding.  They also told me I was "gaining a lot of face weight" when I was pregnant because "women like to hear that". Clearly.

So when they visited last weekend, I was not excited. Usually I find something else to do instead of being ignored and it's fine but this time I stayed around. My father in law decided to drop some four letter words around Sullivan, which we objected to right away. Nothing too bad but a "hey hey hey let's try to not use those words around him, he'll repeat everything". Then he did it again so we (hubby and I) again said "hey! Don't say that around him!" An hour later they left after telling Sullivan that they would be at his first t-ball game the following Saturday. Then I broke out the wine because I survived without running my mouth. That's a success in my book.

Thursday night Mac got a phone call from his mother who told him that his father was "pissed that we yelled at him and didn't want anything to do with us right now". Ok, that was not yelling. You'd know if I yelled at you. I'm loud. She then informed Mac that they weren't going to come to Sullivan's t-ball games and weren't going to come visit anymore. Mac was pissed but mostly on Sullivan's behalf. Honestly I think he's tired of their shit. But, yes, they are going to completely ignore their only grandson because they think we yelled at them.

Do I care? Heck no! It does not bother me personally at all. But I am disappointed for Mac who shouldn't have to deal with his parents acting like surly passive-aggressive children. I'm sad for Sullivan who will miss them. But I'm also sad for them.  They're going to miss out on their only child and grandchild. And for what? A perceived thought that we "yelled" at them? Ridiculous.

The next few weeks should be interesting. Father's Day is this weekend and Mac hasn't decided if he'll get his dad a card. On top of that, my father in law has been known to boycott restaurants for years because he thought someone who worked there was "mean" to him.  I've been present for several of these incidents and can honestly say that I could not understand what the hell he was talking about. It's just how he is.

Ok....I'm done now. Back to work!

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Stitch Fix Review: April 2014

I have been seriously anxiously awaiting my Stitch Fix. It's been a looong while since my last one and with the warmer weather sort of showing up (and then disappearing again), I am ready for some new spring clothes. 

This is Fix number 5 for me and Natalie did an amazing job! She was my stylist last time as well and I think she's really starting to get to know my style better. I've been voraciously pinning clothes to my Pinterest page so she'd get an idea of what I like and what I don't like (read: anything trendy or aztec print). 

{For my last four Stitch Fix experiences, click here.}

You all know how this works right? Pay $20, fill out a detailed style profile, and await your mail. Try things on in your own house and then send back what you don't want in a prepaid envelope. The $20 goes towards whatever you buy. Shopping without a toddler? Yes please.

I was really lucky this time because all of these pieces go together and I love that! I'm not sure if that's how Natalie planned it but it sure works out nicely.

This first pic shows what I'm wearing today. The yellow sweater is mine but the necklace (Zad Toren Layered Beaded Necklace), shirt (Miilla Sandrine Tiered Sleeveless Blouse) and the jeans (Mavi Freida Skinny Jean) are all from this fix!! 

I love the necklace! The color is spot on and I love a good chunky necklace. The shirt was just eh for me at first. I love the look of it but it is completely see through in the back which makes it uncomfortable to wear alone. But as a layering piece, I love it. 

And now on to the jeans. I scoffed when I saw they were sending me jeans. Jeans are such a personal thing and it usually takes a few pairs before I find one that I love. And I freaking love these jeans! They are so so so soft and stretchy and just fit like a glove. The are not crack-showing low so they hide my extra pudge perfectly.  They're more like leggings than structured jeans and are super comfortable. They're a bit too long so I might get them altered but I kind of like the cuffed look so maybe I'll just keep them the way they are. 

In this next picture, I've left the shirt and necklace on but added the jean jacket (Mavi Kalie Denim Jacket) and maxi skirt (Renee C Gabe Striped Maxi Skirt) also from this fix. I can't believe denim jackets are in style again but I love the look of them with a maxi skirt or dress. And I just can't say no to a cute maxi skirt. 

Originally I was planning on sending back the shirt and the necklace but it was cheaper to keep all 5 items and take the 25% discount so that's what I did! It really took some convincing.....or not.

Stitch Fix is definitely experiencing some growing pains right now. I immediately signed up for another fix and the earliest I could get it was the middle of June.  But I don't need one every month so quarterly is perfect for me. 

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!! 

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