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There Goes My Soul in Tiny Bits

In just 5.5 short weeks we are expecting our baby girl and we have entered chaos mode.  We are in the progress of finishing the basement to add an additional bedroom down there for my parents, whom often visit from out of town. The room they currently use is going to be baby girl's room. Drywall is up, it will be painted this weekend, then the flooring goes in. Hopefully after that we'll be able to move furniture downstairs and finally get the new nursery all set up.

In the meantime, I'm trying to do whatever possible to get things ready to go upstairs. And it meant that my library finally had to go.  I had been using the spare bedroom closet for my book storage and it was great. Sure I have a Nook but there has never been nor will ever be anything as comforting to me as a physical book in my hands.

Books are my escape. Whenever I get depressed or anxious or feel like I'm in a rut and yearn to leave everything and travel the world, books keep me sane. I can lose myself in someone else's world for a few hours and come back feeling refreshed. Some people do yoga or visit a spa. I read. I have lived a thousand different lives and traveled throughout the universe and through time all thanks to the creative genius of someone else.

In order to get baby girl's room ready, most of those books had to go. I only got rid of my novels that I have on my nook so it wasn't a complete clean out but it was enough. My mom and one of my good friends gave them good homes but I would be lying if I said I wasn't upset. Many of my books were very worn and very well loved.

My husband enjoys calling me a book nerd. I couldn't agree more.

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The Overly Dramatic Four Year Old

I'm not sure where Sullivan learned this but he's gotten super dramatic recently. Almost to the point of being passive aggressive.

For example, when he gets in trouble for anything small like hitting or not listening, he immediately starts into his drama.

"Fine, I guess you don't want me to be your kid anymore."
"I'll just never touch anyone again. No more hugs for you."
"I'll just leave and you can get a new kid."
"You never loved me anyway."

I know adults who do this and it drives me EFFING INSANE! I cannot stand it and have called more than one person a drama llama to their face when they've pulled this behavior. But I can't do that with my kid so what to do?

It is pretty close to the most annoying thing he's ever done, which is saying a lot. Usually we just tell him he made a bad choice and to try and be more careful and leave it at that. I've learned by now that he will not let it drop if you engage. DO NOT ENGAGE! I tell him once that it's not a big deal and to make better choices. After that I just tell him that it is done and we're moving on.

My kid. The Drama Llama.

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My Kid=Awesome

I always try to be as truthful as I can be with Sullivan. I may not give him all of the details but I really try to avoid little white lies as much as possible. He's four and questioning everything right now and last night was no exception.

He started asking me about "those things" on my chest.  As I started to explain how boys and girls bodies are different, he nonchalantly said "Well I'm made of metal and lightening."  :mic drop:  That's all that needs to be said. 

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Snow Day

So here we are....March 1 and we just got 8 inches of fresh fluffy snow. I don't know about you but I am so over this winter. It needs to be spring and it needs to happen now. I'm ready for greenery and warm breezes and everything that is not frozen and involves a windchill below freezing.

So today I dragged Sullivan away from Big Hero 6 and Tenkai Knights (:::shudder:::) and Mac out of the basement to go play outside and romp a bit.

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The Concern of a Big Brother

Well friends, I'm officially in the third trimester and pretty excited to meet this little girl. Sullivan is getting more and more excited even though he doesn't quite know WHAT to be excited about. He talks all the time about how he'll show her how to play sports and how to build the bat cave out of Legos but I'm getting that he thinks she'll come out and be almost the same size as him.  The only experience he has with babies is with the ones at his daycare which range from 9 months to one year.  The concept of a little bean wrapped up in a blanket that does nothing is completely foreign to him. So this may take some getting used to.

Earlier this week he asked me what the baby did "in there" (in the belly) for so long. I told him she was busy growing and growing so that she'll be healthy and happy when she comes out.

Sullivan: "Does she have any toys in there?"
Me: "nope. She's just kind of hanging out and practicing her rolls."
Sullivan: "Mom, that's not very nice of you. Maybe next time, you can put toys in there BEFORE the baby goes in. That would be a good choice."

Oh my sweet boy, there won't be a next time but that's a very nice thought.

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What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

The things people say to pregnant women is just crazy. Things they would never say to you when you're not knocked up come flowing out with general ease and joy when you are. Other than the completely annoying people who offer random unsolicited advice, here is a quick list of things that have been said to me:

"Wow your face is really filling out." -my father in law when I was about 11 weeks pregnant the first time and not even showing.

"Are you sure there is just one baby in there?"

"Your thighs are getting awfully thick."

"You must feel like elephant." (no but I do now, thanks asshole)

"So being pregnant isn't really that big of a deal. I bet women just exaggerate how awful it is."

"Ooh can I touch?" (no....hell no...go away)

"wow I really need to finish the basement" -the first words out of my dear husband's mouth when I told him I was pregnant.

"I wish I was pregnant, I loved being able to eat an entire package of cookies in one setting. You know what I'm talking about!" (No, actually. No I don't)

"You're so lucky being pregnant. It's like you have a free card to get fat and your husband can't say anything about it."

I can't be the only one who's received such ignorant comments, right? 

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It's a....


And she was not shy either. Everything else is great with her. She's perfect so far and is probably going to be a big baby again as she was measuring in the top 95% for height and weight. This explains why I look to be about 30 weeks instead of only 24. Also why people are looking at me funny when I say I still have to go until the first of May.

But wow...a girl. I'm equal parts excited and terrified. I'm excited for cute little clothes but not so much for all the princess stuff. But maybe we'll get a tomboy. Who knows? And they make some awesome science and engineering toys for girls right now.

In any case, Zulily is dangerous for me right now as is Target and pretty much anywhere that has baby clothes.

Now we just have to agree on a name, that 's going to be the interesting part as we have never agreed on girl names. No one's ever been divorced from picking a name, right?

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