Design Files: Fun Things for You

Thanks for all of the emails I've received telling me how much they enjoy our house design. For those of you who told me that you love it but don't know where to find this stuff or that you love it but it may be a bit extreme for your tastes, this is for you. The amount of fun things Mac and I find is way to much for our house or it just won't work but I've listed some recently found items here. You don't have to have an Asian/earthy/industrial style to pull this stuff off. All these items are easily tweaked to your particular style.

First is the Folding Library Bookshelf. This is such a versatile piece that I love. Great for picture frames or vases of flowers or just books, as it was intended.

Next is a Mini Storage Rack. It displays it mostly as a magazine rack but I really think it would be awesome in a bathroom if you lack storage. Towels could be rolled up and stored on the bottom shelf, leaving you with the top two shelves for cool vintage glass containers for cotton balls or whatever else you fancy.

Third up is a terrarium. I love love love terrariums. I only wish I could get stuff to grow in them as beautifully as they do in all the pictures I see. thing I can grow is succulents. Mostly because they don't have to be watered as much so I don't forget. This one can be wall hung or just sitting. Obviously, can also be used for storage of something else if you have a black thumb for growing plants as I do. Might be cool to have it hanging on the wall next to your door to put mail in to go through or to be taken out.

Another fun version of a terrarium is this hanging terrarium. We have something similiar to this in our bedroom but this one has hooks on the top and bottom allowing you to make it as long as you want. Air plants are pretty easy to grow in these. A little rock, some soil if needed and a plant that doesn't really need any care at all. Again, a bonus if you are like me.

Last are these beautiful panels that are hand carved from teak. Eco friendly and gorgeous, you could hang them together or piece them out around your space. We have a carved wall hanging in our dining room and LM loves to run his fingers over it. He's really big on texture now. These are durable enough that should your little one get ahold of it, it won't break. Unless they really like to throw things on concrete. Then maybe I would keep it out of reach.

So there are some cool ideas for you. I hope you enjoy and I'll probably post more fun stuff as I come across it. If you are searching for something in particular, let me know. I love to search for design stuff. I just need about fifty houses to put it all in....



  1. Do you garage sale? It's one of my favorite hobbies! My parents' house is almost exclusively decorated in garage sale finds. If I ever make it out your way, we are going!

  2. I shop garage sales for kid stuff but not so much for our house. It's hard to find mid century modern furniture in our area. Some antique stores and estate sales have stuff but it's few and far between. I will happily learn from the garage sale expert!