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The Sully Update

Alright, where is my Little Man?

Potty training: Rock star status. Seriously. We had some accidents in the beginning but then  BAM! He was like  I'm done with this crap and then it was over. He's been 100% in underwear (even at night) for a few months now. 

The only tricky part we've encountered is him going to the bathroom when we're running errands. Usually he goes before we leave and can hold it a few hours but that kid hates public restrooms. Actually he hates any potty that is not his own. We bought a travel Cars potty and it freaks him out. Plus it does not meet in the middle and he ends up peeing all over everything anyway. So if I know we're going to be gone for the day, I'll just put his potty seat from home in a backpack and take it with us. He still hates going in public, but with his potty seat and a Skittle, he'll grudgingly do it. And by that I mean we have to talk him in to it and it takes 30 minutes for him to actually agree. 

This kid cracks me up on a daily basis. He's so funny and remembers the most random things from movies or what someone said. Then he'll bust it out weeks later and I'm left scratching my head. But it's a constant reminder that he's always watching and listening.

Word police: For awhile there, every other word was "stupid" or "kill" so we've put an end to that. But now, heaven forbid, you actually say "stupid". If you do, you'll get a little finger in your face and a very loud "Mommy, we do not say stupid!". At least he's listening.....

Retro: This kid loves himself some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He's seen the cartoons a few times but we ended that when he started doing karate moves on his friends at school. But he still loves the toys and whatnot, we just don't watch it yet. Probably a bit early but it's all good now.

Bed: This kid is getting his big boy bed this weekend and I'm so excited! He's ginormous so he's definitely ready. If you follow me on Instagram (gingerguide) you'll get to see pics first. 

Spoiled: I'll be the first to admit he's spoiled. He doesn't get showered with toys but he gets enough and he gets his way often enough. It hasn't been a problem until recently so Mac and I have had to stick to the discipline and the 1-2-3 method of punishment. It's all about finding what they prize. With Sullivan, it's his toys in his bed and the option of picking a movie while we make dinner. He lost that privilege tonight, screamed the whole way home, tried to wheedle even more, screamed some more, then just got over it. It's rare that we have to really pull out the big guns on discipline because normally once we get to 2, he's stopped doing whatever it was that got him  in trouble. But we're seeing it more and more recently. Here comes the three-nager!!

Dancing: My little man loves to dance! Absolutely loves it. We always have music on and he's constantly telling us that he's shaking his booty. 

Butt: He's obsessed with his butt. Random, I know. He wants to make sure it is still there and he always wants to look at it in the mirror. No idea why, he just does. 

And that's all  I've got right now.  He's an awesome guy and just makes my heart melt when he tells me  "I love you mommy because you're always here for me". Le sigh....

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