A Year in Review: Facebook and My Kid

You guys, my little man is going to be 3 on Monday!! 3!! Craziness!! It’s been a fun and crazy year. Some of it has been documented on this blog but there are so many little things that happened that I only put on my personal Facebook page. So I’ve gathered them all here to give you a picture of what Sullivan’s year from 2 to 3 was like. Enjoy!

Sullivan: “Mommy, you’re kind of like a princess. And kind of like a monster too.”
Fair enough.

After he pooped, he yelled “NOT TODAY, POOP!!!” Apparently a battle has been waged and he emerged victorious. This is my life.

“I got in trouble today.”
“What for?”
“I ate paint.”
“Hmm…did it taste good?”
“No it was gross but I looked so COOL!!”
Oh jeez…

Anytime I say “Say what?” Sullivan yells “WHAT! WHAT NOW?”

Sullivan just yelled “VICTORY!!” in the middle of the restaurant while eating dinner.

Sullivan saw an inflatable Santa pop out of a gingerbread house at Lowe’s today and freaked the eff out! He hid behind me then ran screaming down the aisle for daddy. He kept checking back to see if Santa was following him. Christmas is going to be interesting this year.

The most hardened diabolical criminal would crack under the never ending questions from my toddler. It’s just not possible to stay sane under those conditions.

I think I’ve said “GET THAT OUT OF  YOUR NOSE!” to Sullivan way too much recently.

Then one day later….

We had to do a major extraction tonight on a nasal raisin with Sullivan. We were too close to going to the ER for comfort. This seems to be his thing recently.

Sullivan: “I lost my soul”
Mac: “Did mommy eat it?”
Ahhh….Ginger humor, always acceptable.

He’s in awe of Jurassic Park but he says there aren’t enough dinosaurs. “Too much talking, mommy”

Toddler honesty: Sullivan just pointed at a guy eating by himself and loudly asked “Why is he alone? Where are his friends? Does he have any friends?”

Sullivan just leaned over and said “I fart at you”
It’s almost Monty Python…..almost. Also I’m surrounded by boys. I guess I should get used to this.

You know when you hear  a screaming child and think “Oh jeez is that mine?” Today that answer was YES 99% of the time. He does not like shopping.

I was so happy Sullivan wanted a big hug until I realized he just wiped snot all over me.

Sullivan: “I want a flamingo”
Me: “Really? Why?”
Sullivan: “I want to eat it.”

Sullivan is saying a phrase recently that sounds like he’s saying “f*** it”. I’m pretty sure that isn’t right, mostly because it isn’t in the right context. So either it’s something completely innocent or we need to discuss when it’s the right time to my 2.5 year old to say f*** it.

You might be a mom when your toddler plays with your car keys and they’re still missing two days later. Seriously, where are my freaking keys???

Him: “What are you doing?”
Me: “I’m going to try and sleep some more.”
Him: “I’m going to jump on you.”

Should I be laughing when he shoves part of a tomato up his nose? No. Am I? Definitely

Whoops! Forgot to send extra clothes to daycare today so when Sullivan had an accident they had to use the only thing they had: girl shorts. He actually really likes them.

The toddler dictator who runs my house  has declared war on any non-gray pants as well as any socks that do not have a picture of his beloved Buzz Lightyear on them.

It took awhile to convince this kid to wear pants this morning. He seems to have an aversion to clothes.

Sullivan has entered a “what happened?” stage. I can usually answer his questions (more like 57 million questions really) but the hardest one is to tell him what happened to the invisible race car that lives on his hand.

It’s hard not to laugh when, in the midst of a tantrum, Sullivan throws a ball at the wall and it bounces off and hits him in the face. Just takes the fight right out of him.

Wow, that was quite a year!  I forgot so many of those little moments until I was rereading them off my page. I’m still working on his birthday video so that’ll be up soon.

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Oh the things to look forward to! So hilarious :)

    1. Get ready! You've still got some time but it's coming up soon! Can't wait to hear what Vander starts to say.

  2. Ha! I just about died at that last one. Karma.

    1. I remember that day vividly. It was hysterical.