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The Big Bed

A few weeks ago we moved Sullivan into his full size big boy bed. He's been ready for awhile but this was a birthday present from the grandparents. Needless to say, he loves it.

We opted for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bedding because that's his thang right now. Every morning when he gets up, he hugs his bed and tells us how much he loves it. Success. We also got a full size instead of a twin because if he's anything like Mac, he'll outgrow the twin by the time he's in 8th grade. I'd really rather not have to buy a whole new bed again so the full size is perfect!

We did put rails on the side of the bed and good thing! Before they were on, Sullivan was jumping on the bed, fell off, and predictably bumped his head. The rails are perfect. 

Lots of people told me to be patient with the bed because he'd probably have trouble. Pssshh...yeah right. This kid freaking loves that bed and has slept like a champ in it so I guess we're  pretty lucky in that respect. 

At least he now has room for all of his seventeen toys he takes to bed.....


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    1. Haha I sing that to him every night when we're tucking him in. Great Jen(na) minds think alike I guess :)